Situated about 17 miles south of Ensenada on the road to La Bufadora, this custom built home has a wonderful view of the Bahia Todos Santos, and at night a great view of the city lights of Ensenada and surrounding towns.

The 2 bedroom 2 bath house is hexagonal in shape, about 1200 square feet with an atrium in the center of the house open to the sky.

The master bedroom has a walk-in closet; the second bedroom has three smaller closets. Each bedroom has a bathroom; neither bathroom has a tub; they are shower only. The master bathroom also has a makeup table. Colors are not accurate in the master bedroom and bathroom pictures; the master bedroom walls are white, the bathroom walls are peach.

As is typical in many houses in Mexico, water is delivered by pump from a pila, or water tank, and the waste water goes to a septic system. Water is delivered on an as needed basis; the cost is $30.00 for two thousand gallons. The pila will hold approximately 4000 gallons.

A 500 gallon propane tank supplies gas for the stove, water heater, and wall heater.

The lot is approximately 9570 square feet, and has a right of way through the lot in the front. The beach is much closer than it appears in the picture; cross the road and go down a small hill -- less than a five minute walk.

This is NOT leased property. It is one of the few houses around which can be owned by a U.S. citizen, through a process called a "bank trust". The bank trust process was set up to allow non-citizens to own coastal properties. The title is checked in Mexico City to be sure it is free and clear (same as a title search in the U.S.), and then the title is held it trust for the buyer by the bank of your choice. The trust costs could run from $4000.00 to $6000.00 US to set up, and there is a $500 to $600 administration fee each year thereafter. A trust is normally set up for 50 years, and it is renewable, transferrable, and can be willed to someone. The bank trust cost is paid by the buyer.

Property taxes run about $33.00 (that's right, $33.00) per year.

Price for the house, partially furnished -- $165,000.00 USD

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Front view of house

Living Room


Master Bedroom


Second Bedroom

Atrium wall from Living Room

In the Atrium

Master Bathroom


Back of House and Garage

Pila (watertank), Pump House, and Propane Tank

View from Patio

View from the Beach


View from the Side of the House

View from the Back of the House